15 Best Bars in Abilene, TX

Abilene, Texas, is known for its lively nightlife. The city has many bars that cater to various tastes and interests.

Abilene has everything from sports bars offering the latest games on TV to upscale wine bars complete with craft cocktails.


Whether you’re looking for a place to watch the big game or want somewhere to enjoy a few drinks with friends, here’s what you should know about Abilene bars.

The downtown area is packed with historic pubs and taverns that recall days gone by. For those who prefer modern conveniences, there are plenty of contemporary venues featuring trendy décor and unique craft beers.


Are you planning a trip to Abilene? Here are the best bars in Abilene, TX.

Best Bars in Abilene

1. Kao Bar

Kao Bar

Kao Bar is one of the best bars in Abilene, TX. Located downtown, Kao Bar offers an extensive selection of craft beers, cocktails, and live music on weekends.

The bar also has a full menu of delicious food items, from appetizers to entrees. Whether you’re looking for something light or hearty, there’s something for everyone at Kao Bar.


Kao Bar also offers a variety of special events throughout the year, including trivia nights, karaoke, and more. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try one of their signature dishes, the Kao Burger or the Kao Fries.

We recommend you try La Terre Cabernet and Forrest Ville Merlot red wine for drinks. And if you want to taste from Kendi’s list of favorites, we recommend you order painted creek gin. This gin is made with pineapple, a cabernet topper, and lime.

Kao Bar is open Tuesday – Thursday from 5:00 pm–Midnight, Friday-Saturday from 4:00 pm–1:00 am, and closed ​Sunday & Monday.

Address: 137B Oak Street Abilene, Texas 79602. Phone: 325-283-1718

2. Fat Boys

Fat Boys

The following bar topping the chart of our cool bars in Abilene list is Fat Boys Bar. This bar focuses on serving cold beers and wine.

Established in 1984, Fat Boys Bar in Abilene has been a favorite destination for locals and travelers.

This iconic bar is known for its classic American cuisine, signature drinks, warm hospitality, and lively atmosphere. Another exciting thing about this bar is its warm and friendly atmosphere for anyone visiting.

With its rustic wood panels, cozy booths, and exposed brick walls, the interior of Fat Boys Bar creates a welcoming and comfortable ambiance.

Guests can enjoy an extensive selection of spirits such as craft beer, wine, and cocktails while watching their favorite sports team on the big screen TVs.

The menu satisfies every palate with appetizers like jalapeno poppers or loaded nachos and delicious entrees like juicy burgers or crispy fish tacos.

Address: 216 Pine St, Abilene, TX 79601, United States. Phone: +1 325-232-8775

3. Blu Barrel Bar

Blu Barrel Bar

Blu Barrel Bar is a new establishment that has quickly become a popular spot for locals and visitors in Abilene. The intimate setting and the eclectic mix of music make it a perfect place to enjoy a drink or two with friends.

The bar is decorated with old barn wood and features 12 HD televisions, which are always tuned to one of the many channels available. There is also an extensive collection of drink specials like the House Margarita, Chiltons, Blu Bahama, Mule, and Beachy sunrise.

Though Blu Barrel Bar is primarily a drinking establishment, it has some light food options for those who prefer not to drink alcohol. These items include buffalo chicken dip, nachos, and sliders.

For drinks, we recommend you try their Blue Bahama. This drink is made with coconut rum, pineapple, and Soco.

The bar is open Monday-Wednesday from 11:00 am-12:00 am and Thursday-Sunday from 11:00 am-12:00 am.

Address: 2534 S Treadaway Blvd, Abilene, TX 79602, USA. Phone: (325) 437-0000

4. Guitars and Cadillacs

Guitars and Cadillacs

Are you looking for a nightclub to catch some fun with friends? Guitars and Cadillacs got you. This club is one of the most popular Nightclubs in town that is always hot. The clubhouses have different full bars. Guitars and Cadillacs bar serves a wide variety of wines, cold beers, and whiskeys.

Aside from the drinks, the serving system at this bar is exceptional. That’s why people frequent it often. They have excellent bartenders who prioritize serving and making you happy.

The bar is open Thursday from 7:00 pm-2:00 am, Friday from 6:00 pm-2:00 am, and Saturday from 7:00 pm-2:00 am.

 Address: 3881 Vine St Abilene, TX 79602. Phone: 325) 692-8077

5. Fire House Bar ad Grill

Fire House Bar ad Grill

Amongst the cool bars in Abilene, TX, is Fire House bar. This bar was unique because it was open in honor of Firefighters’ past and presets.

Over the years, this bar has been the premier destination for great food, drinks, and entertainment.

The Fire House Bar and Grill specialize in homemade American favorites like juicy burgers, crispy fries, and handcrafted cocktails. Their full menu also offers delicious Italian dishes such as lasagna, chicken parmigiana, and more. Plus, they feature fantastic craft beers with rotating taps that impress all beer enthusiasts.

No matter your taste preferences or budget constraints, Fire House Bar & Grill has something to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Fire House bar is open Sunday to Thursday from 11:00- am-11:00 pm and Thursday-Saturday from 11:00 am-1:00 am.

Address: 3500 Lemay Ferry Road, St Louis, MO 63125. Phone: 314 892-6903

6. The Ugly Lime Tequila Bar

The Ugly Lime Tequila Bar

Want to visit one of the top bars in Abilene, TX, visit the Ugly Tequila Bar. This bar is among the spots where you can have fun with your friends and lover.

The bar specializes in serving tequila connoisseurs, Margaritas, and other trendy drinks. Aside from the drinks, they also have a conducive atmosphere for dancing and playing pool.

Another exciting thing about this spot is its interior decor, which makes it comfortable and the best option for hangout and party spots.

The Ugly Lime Tequila Bar is open Monday-Sunday from 5:00 am-12:00 pm.

Address: 4109 S Danville Dr, Abilene, TX 79605, United States. Phone: +1 325-695-8185

7. Breakers Sports Bar

Breakers Sports Bar

Are you a sports lover and need an excellent place to watch matches? Then, visit Breakers Sports Bar. This bar is one of the famous places in town where you can watch games while grabbing a drink.

Whether catching up on the latest game or enjoying your favorite team’s victory, Breakers provides a great place to relax and unwind.

This popular spot has something for everyone, from craft beer, wine, and liquor options to traditional bar food such as wings, burgers, and pizza.

When it comes to entertainment, multiple TVs are playing all the major sports networks so patrons can stay up-to-date on their favorite teams no matter what time of year it is.

Here, you can watch big sports with friends ad still get delicious meals ad drinks.

Breakers Sports Bar is open Monday-Tuesday from 2:00 pm-12:00 am, Thursday from 2:00 pm-12:00 am, Friday-0Saturday from 2:00 pm-1:00 am, Sunday from 2:00 pm-12:00 am, and closed Wednesday.

Address: 1874 s. Clack St., Southwest Center Abilene, TX 79605. Phone: (325) 692-2980

8. R Sports Bar & Grill

R Sports Bar & Grill

R Sports Bar & Grill in Abilene is the perfect place to enjoy a night out with friends. With its wide selection of craft beers, delicious food, and friendly atmosphere, it’s no wonder why this local establishment has become so popular.

The bar features a full-service kitchen, offering classic pub fares like burgers, wings, and nachos. There’s also a variety of specialty drinks and craft beers on tap, making it easy to find something that suits your taste.

And if you’re looking for entertainment, there are plenty of TVs throughout the bar, showing all the latest sports games. So come down to R Sports Bar & Grill in Abilene and experience all the fun and excitement it offers!

At this bar, there are Cocktails, wine by glasses, beers both domestic and IPA pitchers, and beverages. We recommend you try their Bloody mary or Daiquiri if you want cocktails. And if you want to grab a glass of wine, we recommend you go for a glass of prosecco or Camelotmerlot.

This bar is open Monday-Friday from 11:30 am-12:00 am and Saturday-Sunday from 10:00 am-12:00 am.

Address: 721 S 1st St, Abilene, TX 79602, United States. Phone: +1 325-437-9892

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9. The Taylor County Taphouse

The Taylor County Taphouse

If you are in for Texas Comfort food and drink, then visit Taylor County Taphouse is the perfect spot. Taylor Couty Taphouse is among the unique Abilene bars that is locally owned.

The Taphouse bar serves a collection of handcrafted beer, cocktails, and white and red wine list. Many who have visited this bar testified about the serenity, warm environment, and cozy atmosphere, making it perfect for relaxation.

This bar offers a unique dining experience that can’t be found anywhere else. And the fact that you can easily find something that fits your taste from their wide selection of specialty drinks makes them one of the best in town.

If you love beer and are wondering which to taste, we recommend Lagunitas Island Beats or Brooklyn Lager.

This bar is open Tuesday-Thursday from 3:00 pm-10:00 pm, Friday from 3:00 pm-11:00 pm, Saturday from 11:00 am- 11:00 pm, Sunday from 10:00 am-10:00 pm, and closed Monday.

Address: 4002 Catclaw Drive, Abilene, TX 79606. Phone: 325-704-2500

10. Wet Willie’s

Wet Willie's

Among the fun spots to grab a drink and relax with friends in Abilene is Wet Willie’s. This bar is one of the fun bars in Abilene to visit. This bar is one of the most visited bars in town.

This Abilene bar is because of its lively atmosphere, great drinks, and delicious food, which can give anyone who sees an unforgettable experience.

The bar has a wide selection of beers, wines, spirits, and unique specialty cocktails.

You can expect excellent service, delicious food, and a great atmosphere at Wet Willie’s in Abilene. The bar offers a variety of drinks with branded names like Shock treatment, Attitude Improvement, Margarita, Sour Apple, Chocolate Thunder, Jack Ginger, Pina Colada, and others.

These names are based on the content of the drink and the alcohol level.

We recommend you try Call-A-Cab. This drink contains Cherry and strawberry flavors blended with 190º grain alcohol and rum.

Wet Willie’s is open ​​Monday – Saturday from 11 am – 12 am and Sunday from 12 pm – 12 am.

Address: 840 E Hwy 80 Abilene, TX 79601. Phone: +1 305-532-5650

11. Amendment 21

Amendment 21

Amendment 21 is one of the most excellent spots to visit for fun and relaxation. This bar, built in 1919, specializes in serving whiskies. This upscale whiskey bar makes whiskey from four different grains.

Apart from the extensive selection of whiskey here, people frequented this bar more because of its warm and cozy atmosphere. They also serve over 20 crafted beers ad cocktails. The environment is well-decorated with steel and tiles.

Once you visit, you can be served Amendment 21 special, 18th Repeal, Old fashioned, or The speakeasy as cocktails. And if you are out for a beer bottle, we recommend Pappy Slokum Local Yella, Sockdolager Lager, or Stiegel Radler Grapefruit.

Amendment 21 is open Wednesday-Thursday from 4:00 pm-11:00 pm and Friday-Saturday from 3:00 pm-1:00 am.

Address: 382 Chestnut Street, Abilene, TX 79602. Phone: +1 732-295-9619

12. The Hallows

The Hallows

If you are in for a great time, visit the Hallows. This bar is one of the top Abilene bars that can make your evening fu ad worthwhile. Whether you go there with your friends or lover, they have something that can spice your visit.

This bar serves a wine collection of drink specials and handcrafted cocktails prepared with natural syrups and juice extracts.

Another exciting thing about this bar in Abilene is that they employ the best mixologists ready to serve you your cocktail anyhow you want.

Additionally, their entertainment package is top-notch.

They have live music you can enjoy while sipping your handcrafted cocktail. You can always visit Thursday-Saturday to unwind ad ease stress.

The bar is open Thursday-Saturday from 7:00 pm-2:00 pm.

Address: 258 Pine St, Abilene, TX 79601, United States. Phone: +353 51 389 230

13. The Zone Bar and Grill

The Zone Bar and Grill

Among the fun bars in Abilene, TX, is the Zone Bar and Grill. This bar is a popular bar located at the heart of Abilene. It is renowned for its Taco night, which is always on Tuesday and Thursday.

Also, the bar has a warm ad cozy environment with facilities good for events making it the perfect choice for birthdays, holidays, weddings, and corporate parties.

You can ensure that your orders are served on time and correctly. This is because they employ exceptional bartenders who are ready to help.

And not only do they have a great selection of beer and wine on tap, but they also offer an extensive collection of craft cocktails made with fresh ingredients.

The Zone Bar is open Sunday-Saturday from 1:00 pm-2:00 am.

Address: 4638 S 14th St Abilene TX 79605. Phone: 325-232-8485

14. Barley-Hoppers Drafthouse

Barley-Hoppers Drafthouse

Barley-Hoppers Drafthouse in Abilene is a unique restaurant and bar that offers an extensive selection of craft beers, delicious food, and exciting entertainment. Located near the heart of downtown, Barley-Hoppers has become a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

The menu features an array of mouthwatering dishes from burgers to tacos, sandwiches to salads – all made with fresh ingredients sourced from local farms.

There are more than 25 rotating taps for beer lovers featuring local craft beers and national favorites – plus, you can also enjoy some classic cocktails and wines.

And remember the nightly entertainment! Barley-Hoppers hosts live music performances every weekend and trivia nights throughout the week.

Address: 721 S 1st St, Abilene, TX 79602, United States. Phone: +1 325-267-1407

15. Mc Sports Bar

Mc Sports Bar

Mc Sports Bar is the last on our list of top bars in Abilene. This bar is a perfect spot to unwind and ease the stress after a stressful day at work. You can be sure of delicious meals, quality drinks, and a conducive atmosphere at this bar anytime you visit.

The bar is also a great playlist, and can play any music of your choice. All you need to do is make your request, and you will see it granted quickly. Another thing that makes this bar fun is its gaming facility. You are always free to play pool games once you are there for a drink.

Talking about their drinks, they offer a wide variety of margaritas in different flavors, cocktails, ad beers. We recommend Mojito if you want a cocktail. This drink contains white rum, sugar, soda, and lime juice.

Mc Sports Bar is open Sunday – Thursday from 12:00 pm-2:00 am and Friday – Saturday from 12:00 pm-12:00 am.

Address: 4002 North 1st Street, Abilene, Texas 79603, United States. Phone: 325-386-8676

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Have Fun!

Abilene, Texas, is home to great bars for all occasions. Whether you’re looking for a fancier experience or just a place to drink with friends, plenty of options are available.

All the bars listed can accommodate different budgets and tastes, so there will surely be something for everyone.

With its diverse selection of establishments, Abilene is an excellent destination for anyone looking for a great evening out.