If you are planning to relocate to Canada and are looking for employment, it is crucial to find a job that offers competitive wages and aligns with your requirements.

This article aims to provide information on some of the highest-paying jobs in Canada that do not necessarily require prior work experience or a college degree.


As an immigrant, you have a wide range of opportunities available across Canada, regardless of whether or not you have a university education. This means that individuals from diverse backgrounds have the potential to secure well-paying positions and earn a respectable income in the country.

High-Paying Jobs in Canada

1. Development Administrator

While a four-year degree may be preferred by some organizations, many Canadian employers prioritize prior work experience when hiring for the position of Development Administrator. This role offers the potential to earn up to $101,361 per year.


2. Plumber:

Becoming a certified Plumber in Canada does not always require a college degree. With a high school diploma and five years of apprenticeship, you can pursue a rewarding career as a Plumber. While additional documentation may be necessary in most provinces, Newfoundland, Manitoba, Labrador, Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories have more flexible requirements. As an established Canadian Plumber, you have the potential to earn up to $74,270 annually.

3. Real estate agent.

To become a Real Estate Agent in Canada, you are required to complete a Land education class and hold a high school diploma. Additionally, obtaining the necessary license to sell real estate is crucial. With these qualifications, you have the potential to earn up to $74,137 per year as a Real Estate Agent in Canada.

4. Mechanic.

As for the profession of a mechanic, in Canada, you can work as a mechanic or technician with just a high school diploma, without the need for a college degree. This field offers an annual salary of up to $71,695, providing a lucrative opportunity without additional educational qualifications.

5. Welders.

To pursue a career as a welder in Canada, a high school diploma is sufficient to enter the field. No college credits are required, making it accessible for individuals with a high school education. Welders in Canada can earn an average wage of around $61,669 per year.


Another high-paying Canadian job that does not require a college degree is working as a Transport Driver.

6. Transport Driver public.

To pursue a career as a truck driver in Canada, the requirements typically include completing high school and obtaining a valid “C” category license, along with having no criminal record or probationary period. With these qualifications, truck drivers in Canada have the potential to earn up to $72,264 per year.

7. Web developer.

Becoming a web developer in Canada does not necessarily require a college degree. Employers often prioritize proof of skills and relevant experience in this field. As a web developer, you have the potential to earn up to $75,114 per year.

8. Construction Manager.

In Canada, many companies prioritize hands-on experience over a bachelor’s degree when hiring construction managers. It is possible to work as a construction manager in Canada without holding a degree and still earn an annual salary above $160,000.

Is it true that Canada has lots of foreign workers?

Canada’s workforce is greatly enriched by immigrants from Asia and Africa, making valuable contributions to the country’s diverse and vibrant economy.

If you possess valuable skills and a strong work ethic, Canada offers immense employment potential. The country has experienced significant economic growth, with a 3% increase between 2016 and 2017, and a declining unemployment rate of 5.6%.

Ranked among the top ten countries based on GDP, Canada provides a wide range of job opportunities. Furthermore, Canadian companies are dedicated to supporting international workers with their relocation plans, ensuring a smooth transition and alleviating concerns about policy complications. With such a welcoming work climate, individuals seeking employment in Canada can confidently pursue success in their career endeavors.

Is immigration policy in Canada favorable to immigrants?

Starting a new life in Canada has been made easier through the implementation of the multi-year immigration plan introduced in 2017.

This program aims to make visas more accessible to individuals from all corners of the globe, with the number of available visas increasing each year.

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