Downeast Blue Slushie Review (Is it Good?)

The emergence of Downeast Blue Slushie was started by three friends who wanted a name for their cider company. They settled on the weird name, ‘Three Idiots Cider’ but after some days moved to ‘Downeast,’ which was somewhat boring before its final name.

Downeast Blue Slushie is a bright burst of blue raspberry flavor and tart lemonade brings you back to carnival slushies of your childhood.


Discover in this in-depth Downeast Blue Slushie review everything to know about this drink and answers to all related questions.

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Name:Downeast Blue Slushie
Country:United States
Beer Style:Flavored Malt Beverages
Beer Type:Seltzers & Flavored Beverages

Brand History

It all started in 1991 as a dream. No, two dreams. Two young brothers, Ross, and Matt Brockman, woke up simultaneously with an experience of identical visions. They both exclaimed in unison, ‘Unfiltered Craft Cider!’

Funnily enough, they were only four and seven. Twenty years down the line, the dream has been brought into reality. However, the Brockman brothers, Tyler Mosher, and another friend, who started the company with Ross, spent years trying their hands out until Downeast was born in a dorm room at Bates College, Lewiston.

In 2011, they produced their first unfiltered Original Blend after experimenting in an old orchard in Maine. Since then, they have expanded the business to include diverse flavors.

Downeast Blue Slushie Review


Downeast Blue Slushie Review

Category: This drink is an unfiltered cider, which is a chip off the old block. It is just an American cider with a fuller mouthfeel, hazy appearance, and not as much sweet. It also has a fresh apple taste because it is made with bittersweet apples. All ciders are made with apple, and that is the major reason they are called ciders.

Nose: The aroma is a bright blue raspberry and tart lemonade flavors.

Taste: The palate is the same as the nose, with bursts of a refreshing feel.

Finish: It is sweet and creamy, with a fresh cider undertone towards the end.

Alcohol content: Downeast Blue Slushie contains 8.0% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Price: the average cost of this drink is $13 in the United States.

Pros and Cons

A pour of this gracious goodness takes you down memory lane to your childhood. Here is more to know about it:


Authenticity: Downeast Blue Slushie appears to be what it promises. It tastes exactly like cider and takes you back to childhood memories.

Light: Most unfiltered ciders have fuller mouthfeel, but this particular one is light and less hoppy.


Foamy suds: The aftertaste and foamy suds this drink leaves do not sit right.

How Best is Downeast Blue Slushie Served?

You must treat any can of this drink like a wine to derive the best out of your Blue Slushie. Hence, it deserves to be served as if you were to serve wine. Here are suggestive tips to help:

Temperature: this drink should be served at a cellar temperature of about 55 degrees. You can take it from the fridge around 15 minutes before serving it.

Serving glass: Since ciders are more like wines than beers, it is best to use a wine glass. The wineglass’s shape impacts our perception of the aroma.

Preserving it: One way to make your Downest Blue Slushie last longer is by preserving it well after opening. You can use a champagne stopper to preserve it. This can keep it longer to avoid oxidation. Nevertheless, it can stay longer without preservation due to its aging process.

Downeast Blue Slushie Review

Perfect Pairings for Downeast Blue Slushie

Not only is it good on its own, but Downeast Blue Slushie matches the flavor of many savory dishes. If you are an unfiltered cider lover, here is an opportunity to enjoy your crispy, bubbly drink with your favorite dish. Check out the following dishes that can roll well with this drink:

Apple pie: This Canadian favorite hits the spot with Blue Slushie. The buttery and flaky texture, together with its cinnamon and sweet interior, complement the fruity flavors of this drink.

Cinnamon sugar donuts: Like apple pie, donuts are made with cinnamons and blend well with cider. This drink can also help to wash any other fried food down.

Pancakes: Pancakes can be taken anytime; no rule says they must be for breakfasts only. Instead of sparkling wine for your pancake brunch, try Downeast Blue Slushie. Since the alcohol content is minimal, you will hardly become boozy after a can.

Blue cheese: Blue cheese has a tangy or nutty taste in pasta or risotto. It can be balanced by sipping a cider drink. Each helps to bring out the flavor of the other.

Chicken or turkey: If you want a meaty turkey or chicken dinner, you can combine it with Downeast Blue Slushie for a delicious outcome.

Gingerbread: Dark stouts have been known to complement gingerbreads so much. However, pouring Downeast Blue Slushie into a glass and sipping with each bite of the bread can offer another angle of complement. The bread’s cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices easily pair with this drink’s flavors.

Popular Related Drinks

Downeast is a brand with versatile products. Aside from Blue Slushie, it has other flavors you may find exciting. Some include Mix Pack 2, Guava Passionfruit, strawberry, Pear, Pomegranate, Margarita, etc.

Downeast Mix Pack 2: This apple cider has 5.1% alcohol by volume (ABV). Using five fresh apples for a can of Downeast tells a lot about the richness of this drink. It is a three-in-one pack containing Blackberry, Pear, and Original Blend flavors. Plus, as an unfiltered drink, it tastes the real cider, just as you expect it to be. Many consumers enjoy the crisp flavor they experience from taking it. Finally, it goes down smoothly, leaving no bite or aftertaste.

Downeast Strawberry: This newest apple cider release is packed with a fresh and rich strawberry flavor. Your summer break is already set when you pair it with a loaf of bread and peanut butter. Everything tastes excellent and flavorsome. Remember, five apples went into production for the company to make this happen.

Downeast Guava Passionfruit: The sweet, mild guava flavor balances the tart and tangy passion fruit, creating your cider dream. With five fresh apples in production, you can’t think of filtering this. Combine a sip with your favorite dish for a more delicious outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions – Downeast Blue Slushie

What does Downeast Blue Slushie taste like?

It tastes like raspberry and tart lemonade, taking you to childhood memories.

What flavor is the Downeast Blue Slushie?

This drink is raspberry flavored to separate it from the strawberry/cherry flavors that date back to 1974.

What are the ingredients in Downeast Blue Slushie?

It is made with water, agave, lemon juice concentrate, cane sugar, alcohol from sugar fermentation, malic acid, natural flavors, citric acid, sulfites, and blue

Is Downeast Blue Slushie a cider or beer?

Downeast Blue Slushie is an unfiltered craft cider. It is fermented fruit juice with a production process closer to wine than beer.


Downeast Blue Slushie is a favorite drink for those who enjoy unfiltered cider. It is semi-sweet but packed with loads of flavors to entice your cravings. Get a pack this season and share with your friends, cracking each can open and letting the content slide smoothly.