Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

If you’re looking for an opportunity to earn income while exploring the Canada, consider fruit-picking jobs. These seasonal positions often require temporary workers to assist with harvesting fruits and vegetables. Not only do these jobs allow you to experience the country’s natural beauty, but they also offer visa sponsorship for international workers interested in working in the Canada.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of fruit-picking jobs and provide guidance on how to find these opportunities with visa sponsorship. Whether you’re a student, a traveler, or someone seeking a new adventure, fruit-picking jobs in the Canada can be an excellent opportunity for you to consider.


What is the Job Description of Fruit Picking

Fruit pickers are hired in the farming sector more these days, ranging from large-scale, technologically advanced operations to small family farms. Depending on the type of crop, picking fruit may involve using mechanical hoists or ladders, while bending over to harvest field and vine crops is also common.

When hand-picking crops or fruit, it is essential for fruit pickers to wear gloves to protect their hands from thorny branches. Moreover, they must be prepared to work in various weather conditions, including extreme heat, cold, humidity, or rain, in order to complete the harvest.


It’s important to recognize that fruit picking work is typically seasonal. Once one field’s harvest is complete, fruit pickers may need to travel long distances to work in another location. While some employers may offer accommodation, most fruit pickers are responsible for finding their own housing.

Responsibility for Fruit Picker Job

Fruit and vegetable pickers in the Canada are typically expected to perform the following responsibilities and duties:

  1. Identify and harvest ripe and appropriately sized fruits and vegetables.
  2. Remove any damaged or over-ripe produce to maintain quality standards.
  3. Operate farm machinery, such as tractors, to assist in the harvesting process.
  4. Carefully load and package fruits and vegetables into containers to avoid damage.
  5. Transport the harvested produce to the designated packing area, often utilizing vehicles like tractors.
  6. Sort and pack the produce according to specified guidelines.
  7. Utilize forklifts to load boxes of produce onto trucks for transportation.

It’s important to note that roles and duties may vary depending on the employer and specific job requirements. When applying for a position, it is essential to review the job description to understand the specific duties and responsibilities associated with the role.

Qualification for Fruit Picking Jobs in the Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Before applying for a fruit-picking job in the Canada, it’s important to review the necessary qualifications. Generally, the following qualifications are typically required:

  1. Physical stamina and endurance to handle demanding work.
  2. Ability to perform manual labor or operate machinery as needed.
  3. No skin conditions or allergies to agricultural chemicals.
  4. Willingness to work on multiple farms for fruit and vegetable picking.
  5. Ability to work effectively in various weather conditions.
  6. Reliability, consistency, and self-motivation.

The specific qualifications for the job will be provided by the company you are applying to. If you meet the required qualifications, you can proceed to fill out the job application form.

What is the Salary of Fruit Picker in the Canada

The earnings of a fruit picker in the Canada can vary based on the harvest and cultivation season. Experienced fruit pickers have the potential to earn approximately $500-$600 per day or around $6 per hour. On the other hand, beginners in the field can expect to earn approximately $10-$30 per hour.

How to Apply for Fruit Picking Jobs in the Canada with Visa Sponsorship

The process of applying for fruit picking jobs in the Canada with visa sponsorship is straightforward and involves several steps. To apply for these jobs online, you can follow these guidelines:

  1. Conduct an online search for available fruit picking jobs in the Canada that specifically mention visa sponsorship. Job platforms like Glassdoor, SimplyHired, and Indeed can be valuable resources for finding such opportunities.
  2. Utilize the search bar or filters on these platforms to narrow down your search and identify jobs that offer visa sponsorship.
  3. Click on the “APPLY NOW” button or link provided for the desired job and proceed to fill out the required application form.
  4. If necessary, inquire about the availability of a contract that includes details about visa sponsorship.

By following these steps, you can easily apply for fruit picking jobs in the Canada with the added benefit of visa sponsorship.