Herradura Ultra Tequila Review

Herradura Ultra Tequila is another big bang from Amatitan in Jalisco, Mexico. Herradura was created in 1870 by one of Mexico’s oldest tequila producers.

Like other tequila drinks, it is made from the heart of agave and passed through an American oak barrel to age. Then, it goes through a charcoal filtering process, bringing a clear finish and smoothness.

Today, the drink has gone beyond the borders of Mexico into California, Nevada, Florida, Texas, and Georgia. Aside from Ultra Tequila, the Herradura collection has other drinks, including Blanco, Silver, Anejo, and Seleccion Suprema, Extra Anejo.

Impact Databank further explained that Herradura grew from 12% to 130,000 in the USA and is still expanding.

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Quick Facts

Name:Herradura Ultra Tequila
Spirit Style:Tequila
Spirit Type:Anejo
Released:1870 - Present
Price:$32.62 - $64.95

Brand History

It all began in the early 19th century when Feliciano Romo established a tequila production company. Another man, Felix Lopez took over the place and registered it under a legal distillery name. The business remained in the family after Felix’s death. The wife took over the company in 1878 and operated it before her brother Aurelio Lopez. He gave it Herradura, named after a horseshoe he found on the property around 1900.

In addition, Aurelio offered financial and material aid during the Cristero War of 1926. The war was because the Mexicans wanted to overthrow the Catholic Church and impose an atheist state. Aurelio’s offer was in support of the Church, which led to the raiding of the distillery by the people, forcing his family into exile.

However, his cousin Don David was in charge of the property. The latter ensured the company retained Herradura’s quality by insisting on a 100% blue agave base.

In 1960, the old distillery was shut down and replaced with a modern facility. Nevertheless, the old building was not destroyed but became a museum. In 1970, the distillery launched its pioneer aged expressions, adding more products to the Blanco Tequila.

In 2007, the family sold the company for over $700 million to Brown-Forman, an American giant. Since then, it has grown in leaps and bounds, producing only tequila. Not only that, the company also makes El Jimador, another best-selling tequila in Mexico.

Herradura Ultra Tequila Review

Category: Herradura Ultra Tequila is a mix of aged anejo tequila and another older version. This is against the popular opinion that it might be boring Blanco tequila. Like other tequila versions, this drink is a product of blue agave plants, harvested and trimmed. After that, the remains are cooked in an oven, converting the fibers into sugar. The next step is to crush the plants to extract the fluid, which is fermented and the sugar converted into alcohol. Once alcohol, it is triple-distilled; your Blanco tequila is left.

To get the anejo version, the triple-distilled drink can go through another process in American oak barrels for 49 months. The finest barrels of aged tequila is blended for the Herradura Ultra Tequila. Then, they are filtered to extricate the amber color and any impurities. The spirit becomes a pure, clear drink bottled for consumption.

Packaging: The Herradura Ultra Tequila bottle is slightly similar to the style of Jack Daniels’ bottles. It is rectangular, with round corners and a flat side. The glass possesses some adornment that copies crown molding, giving it a unique appearance. The bottle narrows at the shoulder, spotting a short neck and capped off by a plastic cap.

For the label, the shape is a horseshoe with a lovely design that gives a lift to the brand and spirit visibilities. On it, the brand name is boldly written on a metallic sticker. This is a way to allure people’s sense of touch, which could lead to their touching and buying it.

Proof: 80 and 40% ABV in the United States and 70 and 35% in Mexico. Tequila is diluted down south for tax purposes, so you should consider the location before buying the spirit.

Nose: The spirit gives off a blast of sweet agave and oak with hints of spice.

Palate: Ultra hits with lemon citrus, vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, and almond flavors, which finish with a little smokiness. You could get an underlying Splenda-like note, which is proof of the presence of an artificial sweetener.

Finish: Herradura Ultra Tequila leaves a brief ending with no bad bite or heavy spice.

How to Drink Herradura Ultra Tequila

There are perfect ways to serve Herradura Ultra Tequila, they are:

Neat: The spirit is clear as crystal; the filtration removed the amber color. To an extent, this affected the aroma. The note is a bit of herbal fresh-cut grass with a dash of lemon citrus mixed with some black pepper. Although it is an anejo, these features give it off more like a Blanco.

But another side is that the spirit tastes delicious and goes down smoothly, which most anejo versions don’t boast about. The flavor makes its bold appearance, giving off its aging notes. The caramel and vanilla display their effect, with lemon citrus and a hint of black pepper spice in the background.

On Ice: Any form of bitterness (a property of anejo) vanishes with a bit of ice to the spirit. That is not without affecting every other flavor in the glass. The vanilla, lemon citrus, and herbal tastes refuse to back down, although they are not pronounced anymore. You can still recognize them.

Mixed with Cocktail (Margarita): When this drink is used for a cocktail, the taste is more like whiskey than tequila. Much of the barrel-aged flavors become more conspicuous, regardless of the mixing. The vanilla is still strong, but the herbal and lemon citrus are no longer felt. Overall, the drink is smooth-sipping as a margarita. It is safe to say that Herradura Ultra Tequila enhances the taste of margaritas.

Hence, as a sipping tequila or blending into other drinks, this drink brings cool flavor to the mix. Try it in other cocktails, and you may be surprised to discover a new recipe. The drink is one to elevate any high-energy event.

Note: Herradura Ultra Tequila can be enjoyed neat or mixed with cocktails to get a twist on traditional recipes. Any way you choose to gulp it, this delicious spirit is out to offer you something to reminisce about.

This spirit has everything if you want an intense drink with a complex aroma and flavor. So, get yourself a bottle and let the fun roll!

Perfect Pairing

You can pair Herradura Ultra Tequila with a variety of meals. Some of them include the following:

Dessert: With its vanilla and caramel notes and slight sweetness from the agave syrup, Herradura Ultra Tequila can perfectly go with white chocolate pots de crème and butter cake with mixed berries and big puffs of Chantilly cream.

Production Ingredients

Herradura Ultra Tequila is made by mixing Herradura Anejo with Extra Anejo Tequila, aged up to 49 months, in classic American oak barrels. Afterward, the liquid is filtered to remove the color or any other impurities. This, in turn, enhances smoothness.

Besides, the company publicly explained that this version of tequila is blended with agave syrup for extra sweetness. The evidence is in the high note of vanilla and a Splenda-like note as you taste it.

Popular Related Drinks

Herradura Ultra Tequila has good alternatives if you don’t have it on the shelf or need a substitute. They include Maestro Dobel and Don Julio 70.

Don Julio 70: This drink was the first from Cristalino Tequila and has remained the best. It is sweet and smooth, giving a tequila-like taste that makes it a must-grab.

Maestro Dobel: Although a bit pricey, this is the second alternative to Herradura Ultra Tequila. It is also smooth and possesses a loaded agave flavor. So, it is something to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions – Herradura Ultra Tequila

Should you drink Herradura Ultra Tequila?

Made from 100% blue agave and aged 49 months in American oak barrels, this premium spirit is well worth the attention it gets. Herradura Ultra Tequila is perfect for neat, sipping, or mixing into a cocktail. Besides, the taste is complex, smooth, and crisp. There are numerous benefits of drinking one today.

Is It Safe to Drink 30-Year-Old Herradura Ultra Tequila?

The shelf life of Herradura Ultra Tequila runs out if it is left open and exposed to air. It can be consumed even after 30 years if it is sealed and ideally stored. However, before experimenting with your tongue, give it a good sniff and trust your intuition.

Can you sip Herradura Ultra Tequila?

Ultra Tequila is an excellent option for sipping because, like Anejo, it is aged longer than other Herradura tequilas. To be considered Anejo, the drink must have aged between one and three years in oak barrels. This period adds extra smoothness and complex flavor, making it ideal for sipping.

However, to be labeled Ultra, the tequila will be allowed to age longer, resulting in a more concentrated flavor profile.

Is Herradura Ultra Tequila smooth?

Having been allowed to be aged for over three years, the Ultra Tequila melts on the tongue, leaving you to reminisce on its delicious taste. It is a clear liquid that transports tequila fans to a different level of smoothness.

Does Herradura Ultra use additives?

Herradura did not hide that it infused this tequila version with agave syrup to sweeten it.


Herradura Ultra Tequila is an excellent option, blending complex flavor, smoothness, and hints of caramel, vanilla, and citrus lime. It is created by allowing the tequila to stay longer than three years in American oak barrels.

With a dash of pure agave nectar, the spirit is sweetened before filtering through activated charcoal to get clearness. The outcome is the delicious and excellent Herradura Ultra Tequila that makes a high-energy occasion unforgettable.