How to Study and Work in Canada at the Same Time

Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for international students due to various reasons.

Apart from having some of the world’s top universities and being a multicultural country, Canada also permits you to work while you study, which is a significant advantage.


This guide will assist you in getting admission to a Canadian university and obtaining a job that will help you manage your finances while studying. To begin, please explore job opportunities in Canada from your home country.

Steps to Study and Work in Canada

Step to Study in Canada

1. Choose a Course:

It is essential to prioritize deciding on the course you want to study before anything else. Ensuring that you can perform well in that field of study is crucial. Choosing a course that you cannot manage could result in failure, financial waste, and other demerits. Opting for the right course would increase your chances of getting high grades and even earning a scholarship in Canada.


2. Apply at a recognized Canadian Higher Education Provider and get Acceptance Letter:

Once you have identified the right course for you, the next step is to apply to a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). It’s important to note that not all Canadian universities accept international students, so it’s crucial to only apply to DLIs. Fortunately, there are many DLIs that you can choose from.

3. Language Proficiency Test:

Demonstrating language proficiency is important in proving your fluency in either English or French. There are several language proficiency tests available, with the most widely recognized being the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Additionally, other accepted English tests include the Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Test (TOEFL iBT), Cambridge English: Advanced (C1 Advanced), and Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic). It is mandatory to present one of these tests as part of your study permit application.

4. Obtain a Study Permit Application:

Obtaining a study permit is essential if you want to study and work in Canada. Fortunately, the process of acquiring a study permit can be quick and easy.

Working while Studying in Canada

During school terms, international students in Canada are allowed to work part-time, which is up to 20 hours per week. They may also work full-time during scheduled breaks, such as summer vacation.


Requirements to Work while you Study

A study permit makes you eligible to work while you study in Canada, even without a work permit. However, some rules apply. You can only work while you study if your study permit says so. If so, you can apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN), which is crucial if you wish to work while you study in Canada. If your study didn’t say so, you could amend your study permit for free.

Under the following conditions, you may not be able to work while you study;

1.    Thee study program is less than six months in duration

2.     You are a visiting or exchange student

Benefits of Working while Studying in Canada

If your study permit allows you to work while you study in Canada, you can do so without needing a work permit. However, there are certain rules you must follow. First, your study permit must explicitly state that you are allowed to work. If it does, you can apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN), which is necessary for working in Canada. If your study permit does not allow you to work, you can apply to amend it for free.

However, there are certain conditions under which you may not be eligible to work while you study:

  1. Your study program is less than six months long.
  2.  You are a visiting or exchange student.

How to Get a Job in Canada as an International Student

Here are some helpful suggestions to assist you in finding and obtaining a job in Canada as an international student:

  1. Create a well-crafted Resume (CV) and Cover Letter.
  2. Network and explore job opportunities by reaching out to businesses and establishments in-person.
  3. Use job search websites such as Monster and Indeed to find job openings.
  4. Leverage social media platforms to search and apply for job opportunities.

How Much Does it Cost to Study in Canada?

Compared to the UK, USA, and Australia, studying in Canada is relatively affordable. If you’re an international student seeking an affordable university in Canada, consider looking into the cheapest universities for international students in Canada.

How can I study for free in Canada?

Indeed, it is possible to study in Canada for free. There are numerous scholarships available for international undergraduate and graduate students in Canada. These scholarships are offered by the Canadian government and other educational institutions to provide international students like you with a chance to obtain a quality education without having to pay tuition fees.


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