Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind Review

Are you looking to buy flavored vodka? you might want to consider the Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind.

The origin of Smirnoff Vodka, including the Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind variant, goes to the days when Smirnoff Vodka was first produced in Russia by Pyotr Smirnoff in the 1860s, it became popular in Russia and Europe when Smirnoff Pyotr fled Russia due to some reasons.


The brand was later acquired by an American businessman and moved its production to the United States, but it still maintains its Russian heritage and recipes.

We will be doing a review of this drink, bringing to the table all there is to know about the Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind.


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Quick Facts

Name:Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind
Country:United States
Spirit Style:Spicy
Spirit Type:Vodka
Released:2017 - Present

Brand History

Smirnoff is a brand of vodka that was first produced in the Russian city of Moscow in the late 1800s by Pyotr Smirnoff. The brand became popular in Russia and Europe, and in the early 20th century, it was exported to the United States.

Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind was introduced as a limited edition flavor in the United States in 2017. It was developed by the Smirnoff team in collaboration with bartenders and mixologists to create a unique flavor that would appeal to the growing interest in spicy and tangy flavors of vodkas and other drinks.

The launch of Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind was accompanied by a marketing campaign that highlighted the drink’s Mexican-inspired flavor and suggested pairing it with traditional Mexican dishes, which highlights the different flavors that makes the drink a must-have.


Since its launch, Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind has become a popular flavor among Smirnoff fans and is now available in several countries around the world, including Mexico, India, and some European countries, where it currently owns a major market share in the vodka market.

Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind Review

Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind review

Category: Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind falls into the category of flavored vodka. Flavored vodka is a type of spirit that is infused with natural or artificial flavors to create unique and often complex flavor profiles.

Flavored vodka can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or as a base in cocktails. It is often used in mixed drinks to add a unique twist to classic cocktail recipes, such as a Spicy Tamarind Margarita.

Notes: Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind is a unique and flavorful variant of Smirnoff Vodka. Infused with the bold flavors of tamarind and spicy chili peppers, it offers a distinctive taste that is both sweet and tangy with a hint of heat.

This flavor profile makes Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed on its own or used as a base for a variety of cocktails. It is also a great choice for those who are looking to experiment with new and unique cocktail recipes.

Overall, Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind offers a bold and flavorful twist on the classic vodka that is sure to impress and satisfy the taste buds of adventurous drinkers. Whether enjoyed on its own or used in cocktails, it is a great addition to any home bar or cocktail menu.

Flavor Notes (Taste): Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind offers a unique flavor profile that is sweet and tangy, with a spicy kick that sets it apart from other vodka flavors. When you take a sip of the drink, you will find that the tamarind flavor is strong, with a distinct sourness that is balanced out by the sweetness of the vodka.

The spicy chili peppers provide a gentle heat that lingers on the tongue, adding depth and complexity to the flavor, which you will find amusing and interesting.

On the palate, the sweetness of the vodka is immediately apparent the moment it hits your taste buds. The finish is smooth and slightly spicy, leaving a warm sensation in the throat.

Overall, the flavor profile of Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind is bold and complex, with a perfect balance of sweetness, tanginess, and spiciness. It is a great choice for those who enjoy a unique and adventurous flavor experience, and it can be enjoyed on its own or used in cocktails.

Alcohol Content: The alcohol content of Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka is 35% ABV (alcohol by volume) or 75 proof.

Appearance: The bottle of Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka has a sleek and modern design, with a clear glass body and a label that features the Smirnoff logo in bold white letters. The label also includes the flavor name “Spicy Tamarind” and a small graphic of chili peppers, which hints at the spicy flavor of the vodka.

When poured into a glass, Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka appears clear and transparent, with no visible particles or sediment. It has a medium viscosity, which means it is neither too thick nor too thin in consistency. It also has a smooth and velvety texture that is typical of well-made vodka.

First Impression: The first impression of Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka is that it is a unique and adventurous flavor that is perfect for those who are looking for something different and exciting in their vodka.

It is a great conversation starter and is sure to impress and satisfy the taste buds of those who are looking for a new and exciting vodka experience.

Price: The pricing of Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka can vary depending on several factors such as the location, store, and size of the bottle. However, the usual range of the price across US, UK, and Canada is $12-$19, £16-£20, and CAD $25-$30 respectively.

Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind Ingredients

A lot of ingredients make up Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind and we will be taking a closer look at these ingredients and how they contribute to the overall taste of this drink.

Smirnoff Vodka: Vodka is a neutral spirit that is typically made from grains such as wheat, corn, or rye. It undergoes a process of distillation to remove impurities and increase the alcohol content. Smirnoff is a well-known brand of vodka that is known for its smooth and clean taste.

This vodka serves as a base for this drink on which every other ingredient sits on to create a perfectly balanced taste that is enticing and irresistible.

Natural Tamarind Flavor: Tamarind is a fruit that is commonly found in tropical regions of the world. It has a sweet and tangy flavor that is often used in Asian and Latin American cuisine.

In this vodka, the tamarind flavor is infused into the high-quality grain vodka during the production process, which allows the vodka to absorb the fruit’s natural sweetness and tanginess.

The addition of tamarind adds a unique and complex flavor profile to the vodka, making it stand out from other flavored vodkas on the market.

Natural Chili Pepper Flavor: Chili peppers are known for their spicy and pungent flavor. They contain capsaicin, which is the compound that gives them their heat.

The chili pepper flavor in Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka serves to provide a spicy and pungent kick to the drink. Chili peppers contain capsaicin, which is the chemical compound responsible for their spiciness.

Natural Flavors: In addition to tamarind and chili pepper, Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka may also contain other natural flavoring agents such as fruit extracts or spices. These ingredients are used to enhance the overall taste and aroma of the vodka and create a unique flavor profile.

Water: Water is added to the vodka to dilute it to the desired alcohol content and to achieve a smooth and velvety texture. The quality and purity of the water used can have a significant impact on the overall taste and quality of the vodka.

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Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind

Should You Drink Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind?

There are a lot of reasons to consider taking this drink among which are its taste and many other sterling qualities it possesses. However, there are one or two reasons why you might want to reconsider taking the drink.


Unique Flavor Profile: Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka offers a unique flavor profile that combines sweet and tangy notes with a spicy kick, making it a great option for those looking for something different.

Versatility: This vodka can be enjoyed on its own, mixed with soda or juice, or used in a variety of cocktails, providing versatility in terms of how it can be consumed.

High-Quality Ingredients: Smirnoff is a well-known and respected brand in the world of vodka, and this particular product is made from high-quality natural ingredients, ensuring a premium drinking experience.

Affordable: Compared to some other premium vodkas on the market, Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind is relatively affordable, making it accessible to a wider range of consumers.


Strong Spicy Flavor: While the spicy flavor may be a great thing for some, others may find it unpleasant, particularly if they are not fans of spicy food or drinks due to health reasons or personal choice.

Artificial Ingredients: While Smirnoff uses natural tamarind and chili pepper flavors in their Spicy Tamarind vodka, some consumers may be wary of the other natural flavors or artificial ingredients that are used in the product.

High Alcohol Content: As with any alcoholic beverage, it is important to consume Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka responsibly due to its high alcohol content, which may not be suitable for all consumers.

How Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind Is Best Served

Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind is a unique drink that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Some prefer it on the rocks, mixed with a soda, or incorporated into a spicy cocktail, however way you like it, there are many ways to enjoy this distinctive spirit. Here are some ways you can enjoy this drink:

On the Rocks: Pour Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka over ice and enjoy it as a standalone drink to savor its complex flavor profile.

With a Soda: Mix Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka with ginger ale, lemon-lime soda, or pineapple juice to complement the sweet and spicy flavors of the vodka.

In a Cocktail: Combine Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka with jalapeño or habanero-infused simple syrup and lime juice for a fiery margarita. Alternatively, mix it with tomato juice, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce for a spicy Bloody Mary.

With Grapefruit Soda or Lime Juice: For a Mexican-inspired twist, mix Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka with grapefruit soda or lime juice for a refreshing and spicy Paloma cocktail.

Perfect Pairings

As a flavored vodka, Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind can be paired with a range of dishes to enhance their flavor profiles. Here are some meal pairing ideas:

Tacos: The spicy and sweet flavors of Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka complement the flavors of Mexican-style tacos, particularly those made with beef, chicken, or pork. Pairing this vodka with tacos can help to balance out the richness of the meat while adding a unique depth of flavor.

Grilled Meats: The bold flavor of Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka pairs well with grilled meats like steak, chicken, or lamb. The sweetness of the tamarind helps to offset the savory and smoky flavors of the meat, while the heat from the chili pepper adds a spicy kick.

Seafood: Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka can be paired with a range of seafood dishes, particularly those with a spicy or acidic flavor profile. Try pairing it with ceviche, shrimp cocktail, or grilled fish to bring out the natural sweetness of the seafood.

Spicy Snacks: If you’re looking for a snack to enjoy with your Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka, try pairing it with spicy snacks like buffalo wings, jalapeño poppers, or spicy chips.

Popular Related Drinks

If you enjoy the taste of Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind, you may want to try other drinks that are similar to it like:

Tamarind Margarita: A popular cocktail made with tamarind is the Tamarind Margarita. This cocktail typically includes tequila, tamarind paste or concentrate, lime juice, and simple syrup.

Spicy Bloody Mary: The Spicy Bloody Mary is a classic cocktail that typically includes vodka, tomato juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and various spices. Adding a splash of Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka to this cocktail can add an extra layer of heat and flavor.

Michelada: Michelada is a popular Mexican beer cocktail that typically includes beer, lime juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and spices. Adding a shot of Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka to this cocktail can add an extra kick of heat and a sweet and sour flavor from the tamarind.

Frequently Asked Questions – Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind

What is the alcohol content of Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka?

The alcohol content of Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka is 35% ABV (alcohol by volume).

Is Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka gluten-free?

Yes, Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka is gluten-free.

Can Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka be mixed with other drinks?

Yes, Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka can be mixed with a variety of other drinks, such as fruit juices, soda, or tonic water.

Can Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka be served as a shot?

Yes, Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka can be served as a shot.

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In a world of spirits, Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind stands out from the crowd with its awesome taste and refined texture on the palate of people who know their vodka.

So why settle for plain old vodka when you can have a bold and exciting Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind experience?