VEEV Spirits

Name:VEEV Spirit
Founders:Carter & Courtney Reum
Location of DistilleryRigby, Idaho
Master DistillerDistilled Resources, Inc.

Launched in 2007, Veev Spirit was founded by two brothers, Courtney and Carter Reum. They grew this small company to become one of the best brands in the world of Liquor.

In 2011, their company was ranked amongst the fastest growing brands by Inc. Magazine, and In 2013, they won the award of the fast 50, the Technomic Fast 50 Award.


VEEV Spirits History

In the quest to bring a Vodka alternative came the VEEV Spirit, founded on the idea of “A Better Way to Drink”. The Veev spirit was made using the beat of ingredients, including the acerola cherry, Brazilian açaí berry prickly pear, and other necessary ingredients.

They also worked towards implementing their philosophy to create a thriving business around Veev Spirit.


The VEEV Spirit LLC also participates in the community by donating a portion of its sales to environmental initiatives. They also had the company run on wind-powered energy, hence being the only distillery in the United States to operate on such.

Some of the brands’ achievements are the lunch of Organic VitaFrute™ Cocktails in 2012; this was known as the first line of ready-to-drink cocktails, having about 15% Alcohol by volume and under 125 calories per serve.

You can be assured that these cocktails were made using natural ingredients and are ready on the go by simply pouring into ice.

Another drink launched by this company is the Brazil- Veev, which is made by balancing all the natural ingredients, tasting notes, and aromas.


This brought a spirit with perfectly balanced acai-berry, which gives a smooth finish on delivery. This is a perfect spirit to enhance any cocktail.

Notable Facts about VEEV Spirit

  • The Veev brand aims towards participation in environmental preservation by being a carbon-neutral spirit, as a matter of fact, the first of its kind.
  • They donate 1% of the sale of this spirit to environmental protection and preservation causes around the world.
  • The Veev company was brought to life by two brothers from Los Angeles, Courtney Reum and Carter Reum, in 2007, and has grown from a two-man startup company to become one of the top liquor brands in the United States.
  • They were ranked to be one of the 250 fastest-growing brands in the US in 2011.

How Veeve Spirit is Produced

VEEV is a perfect choice of natural grain spirit which was made using natural ingredients, which include the Idaho Winter Wheat and organic acai, which was gotten from Brazil.

Veev is a spirit whose system of production is based on renewable wind energy, and they deliver a small batch of this spirit as they aim to keep its taste to be the best. This brings about a spirit with a smooth finish that can be enjoyed on the rocks or used in making cocktails.

How to Drink VEEV Spirit

Veev Spirit can be enjoyed straight on the rocks. It is also a recommended spirit for making Vodka cocktails; hence, it can be used in making any of your favorite Vodka cocktails.

Veev also pairs great with fruit juices; hence, you can combine them with any fresh fruit juice.

Frequently Asked Questions on Veev Spirit

Veev is classified as What kind of alcohol?

Veev is a grain spirit made using Idaho Winter Wheat, organic Brazil acai, and other natural ingredients. Veev is a member of 1% of the Planet® and Is proud to stand as one of the spirit brands to be carbon neutral, and one percent of its sales are donated to Rainforest Preservation and other environmental causes.

Is VEEV vodka?

Veev is a clear spirit. However, VeeV is not vodka. Veev has less alcohol compared to vodka, and it has a more dynamic taste. It is a sophisticated complement to make your day.

Who bought VEEV?

Luxco agreed to buy Veev Spirits from its owners, Carter and Courtney Reum, for a sum that was not disclosed to the public. This deal includes the vodka alternative, Veev spirit, as well as its line of cocktails.

Who owns VEEV spirits?

VEEV® Spirits LLC is owned by Carter and Courtney Reum, two brothers who founded the company.