42 Top Fruits That Start With B (Latest Edition)

Fruits are gifts from nature, they are great sources of vitamins and they grow in large numbers in our environments.

It is a great idea to read about some fruits before going to purchase them from the market, this is a great way to know their level of nutrition, to enable you to make the right purchase.

Would you like to know some fruits that start with B? You can go through our list and check out some useful information about your favorite fruit.

Let’s get started!

Fruits That Start With B


one of the top Fruits that start with B is Batuan. Batuan grow on garcinia Morella. They have an extremely acidic taste which may be repulsive to some people. However, you can use the acidic fruit in making your chutney.


Beechnut exists in all parts of the world. The fruits are edible but people prefer the nuts. Beechnuts have a bitter taste.


Just like the name, you can mostly find beach plum around beaches. The fruits are rich in antioxidants, the same as all purple fruits. You can make delicious jams off beach plums but you need to take away the small pit first. For that reason, you can make use of cherry pitters to remove the pits of beach plums. Worthy of note is that beach plums are endangered species in some places, including Maine.


Bignays grow in bunches, with the individual fruits ripening at select timeframe. That is why you will always find each of the clusters with different colors of fruits. Bignay is a fantastic ingredient for wines and sour jam or jelly.


The bearberry fruit is great for edibility and culinary use. You can also eat them raw, although they are almost tasteless and dry when eaten. However, when you cook them, you bring out their natural tastes. Although it has a funny name, bears love it.


The betel nuts are seeds from the areca palm tree. You can eat them dried or raw. The fruits are also edible but people hardly like them.


Billberries have the same appearance as blueberries, although the former have brighter blue colors. They are also great for making pies and jams. In some cases, people use it to flavor their crepes.


This fruit is of European and Asian origins. You can also trace them to North American and Africa. They are great sources of vitamin C. Barberries have sour taste but if you enjoy Barbados cherry, you will like them too.


Biriba has an extraordinarily sweet taste. It is also known as wild sugar-apple. It is only good when eaten fresh. So, stores hardly keep it for as long as one week. Biriba is an ingredients for making Brazilian wine.


This fruit can also be called blackberry although it is distinct from the real blackberries we know. It originates from Europe and has a unique fruit.


Originally a product of Malaysia and Indonesia, bilimbi is a tropical tree. You can also find them in most Asian countries and Zanzibar. It is a close family of star-fruit. Equally, the flavor of a bilimbi is sour. However, you can use it to flavor other foods. For instance, it can serve as a substitute for tomato in your food.


Gourds are majorly classified as vegetables instead of fruits. However, from the scientific point of view, they are fruits and that is why we included the bitter gourds here. In essence, it can serve as fruit and vegetables.
Remember, as the name implies, bitter gourds are bitter. But if you want to minimize the bitter effect, you can soak it in water before consuming it.


The black apple is purple with an interior white pulp. You can eat it raw because it has a sweet flavor.


Amongst the top Fruits that start with B is Babaco. This fruit has the appearance of a small bunch of bananas that fused into one to give it a torpedo shape. It has an effervescence flesh. This feature is why it is also called ‘champagne fruit’. Although it does not have much acid, it can easily cause irritation and side burn to your body. This reaction is because of the papain in the babaco fruit.
The fruit of babaco is yellow when ripe and tastes like a cross between papaw, pineapple and strawberry.


Black Cherry fruit is a delicious fruit and used for making wine and jam. The wood is also a popular spice and so, it costs so much to acquire it. Furniture makers also use the woo for making cabinets.


The fruit looks exactly like the name. The outside of blood lime is red crimson and has an olive shape. However, the inside is lighter red has a unique taste of a blend of lime the mandarin. Although blood lime is a great fruit, it is not yet commercially grown outside Australia.


Blackberries are of several kinds. They have the same outlook of raspberries with a purplish-dark color. Blackberries are great sources of vitamins and fibers and are rich in other food supplements.


Black raspberries are good for making natural dyes. They are almost like raspberries but a bit rounder. There is a current study on its potency to cure cancer. In addition, you can use black raspberries to make smothies and liqueurs. All you need to do is to blend it and use it for your preferences.


Blue Tongue is an Asian and Australian shrub. It is mainly used for making jelly, although people also eat it raw.


It is funny how people think black sapote tastes like chocolate, only to get a different taste at their first experience. People even argue that it does not have a particular flavor but they admit it sure looks like pudding.


Blackcurrants are the major ingredients for making blackcurrant drinks, jams and syrups. You can also eat them raw, but some people don’t enjoy it that way.


Bolwarra is an Australian fruit that functions as a flavor enhancer. You can use it to make your desserts or drinks because of the rich flavor.


Next on this list of Fruits that start with B is Blood Orange. The inside of blood oranges looks almost like blood lime but the outside is like any other orange you have come across. The crimson flesh is unique and you can use it to make tart marmalade. You can also use the zest to bake your cookies and other foods.


Blueberries look more purplish than blue and that is a deceptive outlook in contrast to the name. It is small and round. You can eat blueberries fresh or blend them for drinks and smoothies. If you love jellies, you can make one from blueberries.


Boquila is popular for growing edible berries. It is an incredible tree that has the power of mimicry; it quickly mimics the leaves of the host plant. It crawls transversely on the ground, spirals on the host plant and hangs on top of it.


the bottle gourd can be of different shapes. It can be largely round, has the shape of eight, as well as long and skinny. Many Asian cuisines make use of bottle gourds as the underlying ingredient. Another name for it is calabash.


These grapes are native to Burma, reason for the name. they also grow in clusters and are perfect for making wines, the same way as grapes.


Raspberries are fruits of bramble plants. However, the blackberry is not a berry. Bramble plants, also called thorny shrubs, produce raspberries or dewberries.


This fruit is a hybrid of blackberry and raspberry. It looks like both fruits and has the shape of a raspberry. However, the shelf life is short and cannot be stored for long.


This fruit has the looks of a smooth coconut. It is a perfect blend for making a range of condiments. Also, the seeds of bacuri fruit serve as a good homemade treatment for several skin diseases.


Also called sweet granadilla, Barbadine is one of the top fruits that start with B. It has the shape of an orange with a smooth skin. It originated from South America, in the region of the Andes Mountains. The pulp of babardine is sweetly flavored, hence people eat it. The fruit is particularly rich in vitamins.


If you lack vitamin C and need to boost your immune system, you should try eating Barbados cherry. Although sour, the fruits are juicy and lovable.

33. BAEL

This is an Asian fruit that is famous for its unique qualities. It can be used to produce some candies and drinks such as lemonades. Another interesting fact about bael is that it is a sacred fruit among the Hindus.


The tree of Brazil buts grow fruits that are not widely eaten. However, people harvest the nuts from the fruits and use them for commercial purposes. That is where Brazilian but oil comes from.


If you go about looking for a fruit that looks like bread, you will search in futility. Breadfruits are large fruits and mostly eaten by the people of the tropical areas. They are round with greenish yellow skins enveloped by spines.
When cooked, the flesh has the texture of bread, but you can identify more like potatoes.


Brush cherries mostly grow in several Australian gardens. You can enjoy them raw or make jeely out of them.


the fruit has the shape of a hand, probably the reason for its name. it has a round yellow bottom that looks like the palm, while the top projects like numerous fingers. Again, Buddha worhippers use it as offering to in their temples. It is a great ingredient for some alcoholic drinks. however, you can choose to slice it into desserts.


Brazilian guavas are fruits of South American origin. They have tart flavors that may be comparable to the flavors of strawberries. However, there are different Brazilian guavas with distinct tastes.


Amongst the top fruits that start with B is Banana. It is a popular fruit in the major parts of the world, especially the western hemisphere. Nearly all grocery shops have a display of banana bunches. The fruit can be used to make any kind of food or drinks. They are good sources of vitamins and minerals.


Burdenkin are native to the Pacific Islands and Australia. The skin is the same as plum – dark purple. The ripe ones are also edible.


The Baffaloberry originated from North America. It has a bright red color with white dots. Before going on hibernation, bears usually eat many buffaloberries. However, people eat them too. They are perfect for making jams and pies because of their sour taste. They serve as dye and medicine for different ailments.


Originally local to Malaysia and Thailand, bitton mangosteen is now popular in many countries. You can grow it in a container, like Floridians do. If you want to know the flavor, imagine what tangerine tastes like.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fruit or vegetable that starts with the letter B?

Beetroot is one of them. It is derived from the root of the beet plant.

What is a fruit starting with D?

Dates is a fruit that starts with D. They mostly grow in tropical regions. Dates are perfect for making candies due to their natural tastes. They can also add fudgy, rich flavor to desserts. Not only that; you can chew dates, while they leave deep sweet tastes to your mouth.

Is nut is a fruit?

Nuts can be classified as fruits. They are single-seeded and dry. Nuts are also high in oil content with hard shells. There are different nuts, and their tastes depend on the tree that produced them.

Conclusion – Fruits that start with B

Although there may be other fruits that start with B, we hope these ones help to expand your knowledge. We also believe you will be able to choose them wisely for your health needs.

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