20 Top Fruits that Start with N (Latest Edition)

To enjoy a healthy life, you should incorporate fruits into your menu. The nutrients in these fruits are good for healing your body and reducing exposure to some diseases. Moreover, they are naturally sweet and low in fats and cholesterol.

Hey, don’t be surprised to find nuts on the list. Many nuts are fruits and supply the body with vitamins and minerals. Some are also good sources of potassium, which aid in maintaining blood pressure. Fruits with dietary fibers are good for digestion.


Let’s explore the top healthy fruits that start with N.

Fruits that start with N

If you are looking for fruits that start with N, we have compiled several of them here. Besides, we will constructively explain each of them.



The first item on this list of Fruits That Start with N is Nashi pear, Nashi pear is an Asian pear with different names like Japan pear, Korean pear, zodiac pear, Chinese pear, sand pear, and many more. It has a light brown color, with darker brown blemishes. Although extensively grown in Asian countries, nashi pear is gradually creeping into the United States. It is high in vitamins and minerals, crispy and juicy. The fiber content of the fruit is also recommendable for your daily need. It is a fruit you should not hesitate to pick up from the store.


Although neems are primarily classified as vegetables, their fruits are grown for edibility. It also has a medicinal effect and can be used to cure some diseases. Neems also act as natural pest control in your home.


You cannot boast of eating oranges if you have not tasted navel orange. Aside from mandarin orange and Valencia orange, the navel orange is the most popular for eating and preparing orange juice. It is also popular in the United States for eating. It has a round appearance with a navel-like spot on the bottom, which is the reason for the name.

Navel oranges are great for snacks, easy to skin and seedless. You will surely like it if you come across it.



Nectarines are stone fruits of the peach family. However, it does not have any fuzzy skin like the peach. Since they are without fuzzy skin, they are known as shaved peaches. They are also sweeter than peaches and are a bit spicy.


This fruit is a hybrid of plum, nectarine and apricot. It has a reddish-green color, with a pink pulp. You can eat the fruits raw or use them for your green salads.


You have seen different kinds of apples, but have you seen the Newton pippin apple? It is a unique kind of apple that people are yet to plant for commercial purposes. You can eat Newton pippin fresh and use it for cooking, juicing or hard cider. It is one of the oldest apple trees in the US and dates back to the late 1600s.


Amongst the top Fruits That Start with N is Nepali hog plum. This is a fruit with yellow or green skin and white pulp that tastes sour. It is also famous as lapsi. Therefore, you should not be surprised to see it on the list of fruits that start with L.


Nocera is a grape typical to the Italians. It has a high acidic profile but helps make wine.


This kind of plum is primarily common in Australia. People pluck it from wild trees and enjoy it. There is no record of its production on a commercial level.


Northern spy apples first existed in the early 1800s in America. They mostly grow in winter. They are also round and big and have multiple red, yellow and green colors. Like most apples, they are crisp, supple and tender. Northern spy apples have pleasant tart tastes comparable to a pear. They are good ingredients for apple cider.

11. Nagami Kumquat

Nagami kumquats are not as popular as other kumquats, so you may not know about them. However, they are available in most markets where you can purchase kumquats. Most people identify them as kumquats only. Hence, you may have seen them before.

Nagami kumquats are of the citrus family, with bright orange color and tangy pulp. Some people also eat the skin because it tastes sweet and flavored. These kumquats are familiar to the people of Asia, although they exist in the US too.


The natal plum is a fruit of the coastal regions. It can withstand salty winds, hence its location. You can use the fruit for your baking or eat it fresh.


Nutmeg fruits are used for their spicy flavor and add great tastes to most foods. A pinch of nutmeg in your baking can make a lot of difference. It can also serve as ingredients for jam and candy.


This fruit is common in Australia and Thailand and rarely exists in the western hemisphere. Nam Dok Mai is mango with a sweet tang and alluring fragrance.

15. Nopales

One of the top Fruits That Start with N is Nopales. They are not just vegetables but also fruits. Are you surprised? They are of the same family as cacti, which is why they are vegetables. Nevertheless, they are identical to prickly pears, which make them fruits. Their texture is crunchy, although somewhat slimy as okras.

They are excellent for making tacos and salads. However, you will need to remove the thorns and spines and boil them before you can eat them.


Nance has one of the delightsome fragrances you can think of. The flavor can range from sweet to acidic. It is golden or yellow-orange on the outside with white, oily flesh. It also possesses one large pit with two or three seeds. You can eat them raw or make candy with them.

17. Naranja

Naranja is a Spanish word which means ‘orange’. It is not just the fruit orange but the color itself. It is like any other orange you have eaten but has a delectable taste. Do not forget that orange has more than 400 species, and naranja stands out among them.

18. Nuts

You may be surprised to see nuts gracing this list but you should not be. The truth is that many nuts are fruits. This is because all nuts are the seeds of certain fruits, except peanuts.

Aside from that reality, nuts like hazelnuts, chestnuts and acorns, are fruits. So, whenever you are eating your preferred nuts, you enjoy fruits or their seeds (except for peanuts because they are legumes and belong to the beans family).


Also called satsuma, Naartjie is a citrus fruit that is easy to peel. Many people enjoy snacking on it because of its succulent nature. Its name, Satsuma is derived from a province in Japan, which is the origin.


This plant belongs to the nightshade family. It takes quite a lot because you must protect it from direct sunlight and wind. Naranjilla has a citrus flavor, with green juice, which can be an additive to lulada drink.

Conclusion – Fruits That Start with N

These are some of the top fruits that start with N. Majority are citrus fruits which supply the body with an amazing amount of vitamin C. As you know, we need vitamin C for the growth and repair of our body tissue. It also helps to speed up the healing of wounds.


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