Crown Royal Lemonade Review

Crown Royal Lemonade is a whiskey with a lemonade twist, offering a mild and delicious flavor.

It is created on the shores of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada. Besides, Crown Royal Lemonade is among the top Canadian whiskeys sold worldwide.


We would be explore everything to know about this drink, covering a quick review, the brand, pros and cons, and lots more.

Let’s get started!

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Quick Facts

Name:Crown Royal Lemonade
Brand:Crown Royal
Spirit Style:Whiskey Cocktails
Spirit Type:Ready to Drink

Brand History

As a gift to King George and Queen Elizabeth, Sam Bronfman first produced Crown Royal Lemonade in 1939. They were visiting monarchs in Canada, and Bronfman needed a unique drink to welcome them. He tried over 600 mixes before arriving at the final product of roughly 50 blends.

When they left, the train carrying the monarchs was filled with 10 cases of the whisky. In 1960, Crown Royal arrived the United States and has spread to other parts of the world.

However, Diageo now owns the company and its distillery is located in Gimli, Manitoba. The new owners still maintain the detailed quality that was the original aim of the manufacturer.

It is believed that the rocking temperature in the city intensely affects the smoothness of the drink. If the barrels where Crown Royal is distilled experience temperature swings, it causes the woods to inflate and contract. This temperature fluctuation also adds to the developing character of the residents who produce it.


Thus, the drink is prominent for its smoothness, and hardly will you visit a bar that does not have a bottle. Innovation and organic marketing have been the company’s central success pillars. After careful research and development, it also has a ready-to-drink Crown Royal cocktail produced in 2001. Thus, the drink is perfect for a hangout by the pool or a beach party.

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Crown Royal Lemonade review

Crown Royal Lemonade Review

This ready-to-drink Crown Royal Lemonade is perfect for any occasion. It features the traditional Crown Royal Whiskey with a lemonade twist, providing a smooth and delicious drink for your party or relaxing by the pool. Here is all you need to know about this favorite drink:

Nose: There is nothing much going on here. However, you will get a juicy and aromatic lemon whiff with a balance of oak and whiskey notes.

Taste: The first thing that hits the tongue is a sweetened lemonade flavor, effervescent, that keeps the palate in the mood. Towards the end, you will also get faint oak and wheat whiskey notes. Concisely, the taste is sweet and tart due to the flavor blends that went into the manufacturing process.

Finish: As the effervescent fades off, there are hanging notes of whiskey and oak, with a balance of lemon juice in the background.

Alcohol Content: 7%, making it light and easy to drink. Don’t forget to drink responsibly.

With the health risks associated with high alcoholic content drinks, it is wise to stick to drinks with lower ones. Crown Royal Lemonade falls under the latter. Besides, it would be best to drink moderately, even though the alcohol content is low. A moderate drink means one portion for women and two for men.

Nutritional Facts:

  • Serving size – 335 ml
  • Calorie – 229
  • Total fat – 0g
  • Total carbs – 25g
  • Protein – 0g
  • Alcohol – 20g
  • Percentage Daily Value – 9%

*The percentage Daily Value explains how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. For general diet advice, 2000 calories a day is sufficient. This means that Crown Royal Lemonade has few calories. 

Should you drink Crown Royal Lemonade?

There are numerous reasons to consider making Crown Royal Lemonade your next point of call. First, you must know that while alcohol is good for the body, too much of it is to be avoided. Below are some of the reasons to take this drink:

Health benefits: The high level of antioxidants in Crown Royal Lemonade is helpful to your cardiovascular system. They contribute to fighting changes to the blood vessel and help the inside lining battle the effect of high blood sugar and blood pressure. When you take this drink in a moderate amount, you are helping your system.

There could be a thin line between health benefits and adverse effects. If you take Crown Royal Lemonade in high amounts, it can trigger some health issues. Heavy alcohol use can lead to heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Attractive appearance: The unique yellow appearance of the container of this drink is catchy and can cause one to take a glass.

Unique flavor profile: the combination of sweet and tart flavors makes this drink a must-taste. After taking a can or glass of your favorite drink, it gives a stimulating feel.

Ideal for parties or poolside sitting: Crown Royal Lemonade is an excellent choice for a little gathering with friends and family to celebrate your small wins. Its high-quality ingredients help to activate the flavor profile, leaving you feeling refreshed. It is also ideal for reading, watching the television, or enjoying a quiet time by the pool, as you sit quietly alone.

Smooth drinking: Crown Royal Lemonade is easy to drink, offering a smooth flow down the throat. Thanks to its low alcohol content, the drink is a favorite among whiskey lovers.

Crown Royal Lemonade

How is Crown Royal Lemonade Best Served?

Usually, Crown Royal Lemonade is served neat, without mixing with any other drink. When that is the case, it is served at room temperature, although you can enjoy it chilled. It also tastes great when mixed with cocktails. However you choose to drink it, Crown Royal Lemonade is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for something new.

Neat: Use rocks or whiskey glass to derive the flavor. You can use a short glass tumbler to serve your favorite drink if you don’t have either. Using plastic or other materials can taint the flavor of the drink. Pour a small amount of Crown Royal Lemonade into the glass and sip slowly. The essence is to experience the flavor. Try sniffing it first to get your palate set.

You can also serve your Crown Royal over ice. Serving it cold opens up your palate to different flavor notes. Whiskey stones are perfect if you don’t want to dilute the flavors.

Cocktail: Try it old-fashioned by blending it with bitters and simple syrup. Then, serve it in a rocks glass with ice and a citrus twist for garnishing.

Another way to make a cocktail is by mixing the Crown Royal with a Manhattan for a stronger or bitterer taste. Thus, you can choose vermouth and maraschino cherries instead of simple syrups.

Experiment with other flavors and fruits for a desired outcome.

Perfect Pairing

Crown Royal can pair with many food or meat kinds due to its mild flavor. Try it with the following:

BBQ staples: If you want a delicious summertime hangout, choosing Crown Royal Lemonade with BBQ flavors is ideal. The drink enhances the food flavor and gives a refreshing feel. Pulled pork, ribs, steaks, grilled chicken, etc. will be terrific.

Popular Related Drinks

Aside from the Crown Royal Lemonade, the company has other series you can purchase, depending on factors like price and craving. They include:

Crown Royal Deluxe: This is the original Crown Royal manufactured in Canada in 1939. It comes in hints of vanilla and oak and is considered a smooth whiskey. The alcohol content is 40%, with 80 proof for 750 ml, costing $21-26.

Crown Royal Rye: The Crown’s rye whiskey option contains 90% rye in its mash. It is more flavorful than the Deluxe, with hints of pepper. It can be served on the rocks with ice or a cocktail mixer. The alcohol content is 45% and 90 proof for 750 ml, while the price is $28-34.

Crown Royal Black: This Crown Royal version is blended at 90 proof and is made to pass through charred oak barrels. Passing through the oak barrels makes Crown Royal Black identical to bourbon. You can drink it on the rocks, but with lemon juice and simple syrups, the drink becomes ‘Black Whiskey Sour.’

Other Crown Royal signature series include Crown Royal Blender’s Mash, Crown Royal Master Series, Crown Royal XO, Crown Royal Reserve, and Crown Royal Wine Barrel Finish.

Frequently Asked Questions – Crown Royal Lemonade

What is the best way to drink Crown Royal?

There are diverse ways to enjoy a glass of this liquor. To enjoy it in its purest form or neat, pour it into a rocks glass and sip slowly, rolling it in your mouth before swallowing. You can also soften the alcohol taste by adding a few ice cubes. Another way includes chilling the drink or making a cocktail out of it.

Is Crown Royal Lemon Good for sipping?

The liquor is a superb choice for drinking neat, as it has a mild flavor and little alcohol content. You can serve it cold or at room temperature.

Is Crown Royal Lemonade bourbon?

No, it is not bourbon, but a Canadian whiskey. Bourbon is made in a specific way, following strict rules to achieve the desired result. It is aged in charred American oak barrels for some months before completing its processing cycle. Besides, all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon.

What is the moderate or low-risk quantity for drinking?

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a woman should not have more than three servings of alcohol daily and less than seven in one week. In the same way, a man should not have more than four shots of alcohol in a day or fourteen in a week.

Does Crown Royal Lemonade categorize as a strong whiskey?

The drink is a mixed Canadian whiskey with a mild and sweet taste. It is rich in flavor and does not cause a burning sensation in the throat.

How long does It take the effect of alcohol to Appear?

It takes at least 30 minutes to feel the effect of alcohol in Crown Royal Lemonade, especially if you take too much quantity. Hence, it is advisable to pace your shots to avoid getting drunk.

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Now that you know what Crown Royal Lemonade is, you can purchase a bottle online or at a store nearby. Ensure to drink responsibly and not go beyond the required serving. Your health is more important than what you consume.