Golden Road Mango Cart Beer Review

Sipping a mango cart beer is quite an experience. Golden Road Mango Cart Beer, is unique, pouring inspiring freshness into your glass. The mango flavor adds creativity to the drink.

However, this fresh craft beer wouldn’t have come into existence without the inspiration drawn from the iconic fruit cart vendors of Los Angeles.


This beer is a product of Golden Road Brewing, and in this Golden Road Mango Cart Beer review, we would see how this beer has established its place in the heart of many

Let’s get sipping!

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Name:Golden Road Mango Cart
Brand:Golden Road
Country:United States
Beer Type:Ale
Beer Style:Wheat Ale, American Pale Wheat Ale
Release Date:2011 - Present

Brand History

In 2011, Golden Road Brewing was established to make the hometown of Los Angeles proud. The founder Meg Gill is one of the few female founders in the craft beer industry. She is doing great things by seeking inspiration among the locals while producing the drink they cherish.

Golden Road does not only pour fresh beer but is situated at the city’s heart, dedicated to giving back to society. It was formerly brewed on a 15-barrel brewhouse. In a year, it has expanded to a 50-barrel Braukon brewhouse.

Having the capacity to brew on a larger scale, the company collaborated with Anheuser-Busch in 2015 to distribute the drink across the United States. The brand is consistently experimenting with fresh ingredients through a collection of seasonal and limited-edition brews.

Hence, wherever you are, you can find this craft beer at the nearest shop. The company’s headquarters remains Atwater Village, but it has other locations in Sacramento, Anaheim, Huntington Harbour, and Downtown, all in LA.


Golden Road Mango Cart Beer Review

Golden Road Mango Cart Beer Review

Golden Road, Mango Cart Beer, bursts with bright flavors and crisp endings. It is handcrafted with natural mango, wheat malts, and hops. You can enjoy the taste any time of the year. Its flavor profile below is enough to pick one pack from the store today:

Taste: The mango blasts the palate with some sweetness, but sweeter than what the aroma gives. Besides, its tartness is mild with pale hops bitterness. The body is also full but somewhat thin.

Nose: A juicy mango and peach flavor escape from the glass straight to the nose. It releases hints of tartness, is moderately sweet, and has a touch of acidity. You will also get earthy vegetal notes with light floral hops.

Finish: Golden Road Mango Cart Beer’s fresh and bright mango flavor leads to a crisp finish.

Alcohol content: This wheat ale has 4.0 ABV per serving.

Price: The average price to get this beer around the US is $11.

Flavor summary: The mango is the dominant feature of this drink. Even though it has a light and delicate mango flavor, the tartness is too mild for the kind of drink. Plus, the complex flavor is lacking in the finish to sell the beer out. It is not out of place to say that this beer delivers on what it promises. Moderate carbonation tends to clean the palate up to dismiss any residual sweetness. If you love mango beers, you will enjoy the pleasantness and balance the drink provides.

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Pros & Cons

This scorching summer, chances are that you are looking for a drink to beat the heat. Nothing beats the heat better than a Golden Road Mango Cart Beer glass. This soft, succulent fruit beer is the most popular tropical fruit that goes with any recipe if you don’t want to drink it neat. Are you wondering what is in this drink that makes it one of the best in the market? Here is why:

Health benefits: Of course, we know that no alcoholic drink is purely healthy. However, when it comes to this category, mango beers are better options. They have fewer calories and less alcohol content.

Price: You can trust Golden Road Mango Cart Beer if you want a cheaper drink. It is a little above $10 in some shops and can be ordered online if you can’t find it around.

Light on the palate: This drink contains crisp carbonation with low bitterness and mango flavors. The slight alcohol quantity makes it light on the palate and easy to drink.

Best for the summer: You can trust this mango drink if you want an excellent beer to rest on a hot afternoon or while away time. It is a refreshing beverage perfect for any occasion.

Unique flavor: Golden Road, Mango Cart Beer, is infused with mango flavors, making it an excellent choice for those who want a tang and juicy drink. The unique flavor will impress the taste buds, as well.

Golden Road Mango Cart Beer

How Best is Golden Road Mango Cart Beer Served?

As a canned drink, Golden Road Mango Cart Beer is a ready-made drink you can crack open and gulp. It does not require any further preparations. However, you can chill it or pour it over ice and take it if you want it cold.

In addition, you can make Golden Road Mango Cart Beer into your favorite cocktail using simple steps. One of them is Mango Cart Michelada.

Its vibrant and citrusy chili-lime rim contains a mild spice that adapts to the mango flavor. To make it, rim your glass with lime, add chili-lime salt, pour Michelada mix over ice, and add your Golden Road Mango Cart Beer. Then, garnish the mixture.

Grab these handy 15-pack beer cans and store in your fridge or take them with you as you grace the party with friends and family. The fun you will derive from it is unquantifiable.

Perfect Pairings

Just in case you are looking for the perfect food or meat for your mango beer, you can consider the following:

Wings: The freshness and tartness of this drink calm the heat of buffalo wings and balances the sweetness of barbecue wings. Golden Road, Mango Cart Beer, will make a perfect pair with these wings.

Mac & cheese: With wheat ale, your Mac & cheese will enjoy a great companion on the palate. The characters of the drink can stand up to the strong taste of the cheese.

Pulled pork sliders: The crisp finish of Golden Road Mango Cart Beer will easily complement the savory taste of your pulled pork sliders. Try it while relaxing on the balcony and discover a great companion it is.

Popular Related Drinks

Mango beer is one of the best out there for your palate. Aside from Golden Road Mango Cart Beer, there are good brands out there you would love. Check out the following if you want a variety of American mango beers to select from:

Silver Moon Mango Daze Mango Pale Ale: This is an Oregon-American pale ale with 6.0% ABV. This easy-to-drink mango beer is a must-taste for someone looking for a light drink. It is fruity with northwest hops and a hint of tropical mango flavor. Undoubtedly, this pale ale is the American version of the English style, which is fast becoming popular. Crack a can open and rejuvenate your love affair with beer.

Blue Moon Mango Wheat: Made in Colorado, this wheat ale beer contains 54% ABV. It is brewed with ripe mango, natural flavors, and a hint of honey. This leaves it with low bitterness and delicate fruit sweetness. It is pale to nearly white. Garnish it with a fresh orange slice to produce a creamier experience.

Hop Valley Mango and Stash India Pale Ale: This American IPA mango beer is made in Oregon with 6.0% alcohol by volume. Sipping Hop Valley Mango & Stash IPA leaves you craving a sequel. It delivers a punch of flavor and aroma from mango, papaya, and pineapple. However, red currant, honeydew melon, and juicy tartness take the backseat. The color of this craft beer is laser yellow with a hint of haze, poured with a vigorous whitehead.

Frequently Asked Questions – Golden Road Mango Cart Beer

What does Golden Road Mango Cart taste like?

It is a light wheat ale laden with tang and exotic fruit flavors; it’s a wonder the cart does not collapse. Inspired by the legendary Los Angeles fruit cart vendors, this drink has mango as its most prominent flavor. It is tart-like a kettle sour with a crisp and refreshing finish.

Is mango beer sweet?

Mango beers have sweet and sour malt ale flavors. The mango flavor is excellent but not overwhelming. It is high on fruity notes, requiring four to five brewing days to make it a fantastic option for a weekend with friends and family. You can also sit outside around the house or laze about, sipping a can of the drink. If you like mangoes, you will like mango beers.

How do you describe Golden Road Mango Cart Beer?

A beer pours a pale muddled straw with a white head. The nose gives it all away with its unmistakable mango flavor, which it carries over into the taste. When looking for a summer beer, this will make a difference. Moreover, the aftertaste is sweet and surprisingly refreshing. With light alcohol by volume and light body, the beer is easy to drink. Overall, Golden Road Mango Cart Beer is a good drink.

Is Golden Road Mango Cart Beer vegan?

This beer is not vegan due to the presence of honey in it. Since honey is an animal product and vegans follow strict lifestyles, it won’t make a great option.

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Golden Road, Mango Cart Beer, is a refreshing, crispy drink, an ideal option for beer lovers. It is made with a tropical twist and high-quality natural ingredients. It is reasonably priced, with little alcohol content, and can pair with different food due to its mildness.