Hana Lychee Sake Review

The origin of sake can be traced to the early Chinese, as far back as 4000 BC. After introducing wet rice cultivation around 300 BC, Japan began mass production of sake drinks.

The temples became the primary source of this drink for centuries and today, Sake has become a national Japanese beverage.


This Hana Lychee Sake review looks at the Hana Lychee Sake, its popularity and gaining traction across the region and other countries like the USA.

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Name:Hana Lychee Sake
Wine Style:Sake
Wine Type:Sake & Plum Wine

Brand History

Takara Sake USA Inc, the company that produces Hana Lychee and other drinks, is the leading manufacturer of alcohol-related drinks in Japan. It has made Sake, Mirin, and Shochu for over a century. They use natural processes like fermentation and distillation to produce their drinks.

The establishment was founded in Berkeley, California, in 1983. It produces the ‘Sho Chiku Bai’ kind of sake, including flavored plum, mirin, and others. The sake drinks are produced using premium rice from Sacramento Valley and pure snowmelt from Sierra Nevada Mountains. Thus, Takara applies traditional artisanship and modern technology in making healthy sakes.

In addition, some of the sakes are imported from their parent company in Japan. There is also a Tasting Room and Sake Museum for visiting customers. The aim is to infuse Japanese culture into every drink in an American style.


Hana Lychee Sake Review

Lychee is a summer drink with an irresistible sweet and flavorful taste. It derives its flavor from lychee fruit from Asia, infused in alcoholic beverages. Hana Lychee is made from fermented rice; its unique and subtle taste makes it a preferred drink for sake lovers. Besides, this sake is gluten-free and makes a perfect evening or summer drink with friends. Here are the tasting notes and alcohol content information.

Category: This drink belongs to the sake family, a drink many believed to be wine or beer. It is neither of them because their production processes are not the same. Sake is made from fermented rice, polished to remove the bran. Although it is sometimes called ‘sake wine,’ its brewing process is closer to beer than wine. The starch of the rice is converted into sugars and fermented into alcohol.

In addition, sake was served uniquely, where it was first warmed in an earthenware or porcelain bottle. It would be sipped from a small porcelain cup. It is of various kinds, and each has its alcohol content. The type you have also determines the serving temperature.

Nose: It releases sweet, lychee, lemon-lime, and yellow peach notes.

Taste: The palate is full-bodied with the aromatic notes present. It also has a mouthfeel of lusciously ripe lychee.

Finish: This drink finishes with a refreshing and lingering feel.

Alcohol content: This sake contains 8% ABV. Its little alcohol makes it a perfect drink for all occasions.

Price: This drink is bottled in 750 ml and 375 ml bottles. Each 750 ml bottle costs $15.25, while the 375 ml costs $10.50. You can find them in popular shops nationwide, and their prices can vary.

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Pros and Cons

Sakes are healthy, and Hana Lychee is not an exception. If you are considering buying it and need to understand why you should do so, check the pros and cons below:


Better choice: This drink makes a better option for those looking for low-alcohol and gluten-free drinks.

Crispy: It is easy to drink and has low acidity and calories. This makes it a better option than most alcoholic drinks. It is also easy to enjoy because it is not harsh. The taste is fantastic and can be savored in many ways.


Not so healthy: Even though Hana Lychee Sake is considered significant, it may not be healthy. No matter the quantity of lychee flavor infused into this drink, it is done with artificial sweeteners. Before drinking it, ensure to consider your health first.

Hana Lychee Sake

How Best Is Hana Lychee Sake Served?

It is one of the good drinks, served chilled or on the rocks. To serve it chilled, let it be slightly colder than room temperature to modify the smooth texture, taste and aroma. You may also use it as a base drink for other cocktails, whether chilled or frozen. Aside from that, you can drink it neat, making it a perfect aperitif. Do not drink it as a shot because you won’t be able to get the complete flavors and effect. Sipping it slowly is highly recommended.

Perfect Pairings with Hana Lychee Sake

The Japanese have a loosely interpreted proverb: ‘Sake does not get into fights with food.’ That is because sakes blend well with many Japanese and foreign cuisines. They have lower acidity content, so combine them with vinegar or soy-tinged food. They also enhance the food flavors to refresh the palates. You can try your Hana Lychee Sake with the following food options:

Pizza: It may seem impossible for sakes and pizzas to go together, but that is untrue. This drink cuts into the high-fat content of pizza to bring balance. Besides, the fuller body of this sake matches the pizza’s strength and cleanses the palate.

Thai food: Matching the multi-layered flavors of Thai food with the crisp and aromatic flavors of sakes makes a beautiful combination. Pair this drink with spicier and savory dishes and enjoy the complementary feel.

BBQ: Whatever barbecue style you choose, Hana Lychee Sake is always ready for the pairing. From charred fatty red meats like briskets to smoky and sweeter barbecue options like steaks and chicken, you won’t go wrong. Vinegar-based barbecues are also refreshing, with this drink as the star.

Chocolate: Chocolates seem difficult to pair with sakes because of their rich, viscose, sweet, and acidic nature. However, you will have to be careful in your selection. Consider dark chocolates with high cocoa and low-fat content for the pairing.

Popular Related Drinks

There are many types of sake in the US markets today, most of which are good alternatives. If you are wondering about the best option for Hana Lychee, you want to consider any of the following:

Sho Chiku Bai Nigori Crème De Sake: Sold at $7.25 for a 300 ml bottle, this sake radiates marshmallow, melon, vanilla, and cream aromas and tastes. It is full-bodied, has a nice mouthfeel, and finishes lightly with hints of spice and salt. The unique flavor and texture are to be craved, and indulging in a glass after a long week will be a good decision.

Sho Chiku Bai Shirakabegura Mio Sparkling Sake: Each 730 ml bottle of this award-winning sake costs $26.50, and the 300 ml bottle costs $13.25. Sparkling sake with bold peach, fresh bread, freesia, and ripe persimmon aromas. It scintillates the mouth with peach and pear notes, and hints of baking spice and yellow rose. Mio contains 5% alcohol, making it a perfect casual drink. You can serve it chilled or over ice. Mio is among the best if you are looking for a great party companion.

Yuki Nigori Lychee: This is another naturally flavored sake for everyone. It opens up with lovely aromas of lychee fruit and rose petals, leading to a smooth and creamy taste. The lightly tart fresh lychee fruit balances its sweet flavor. A 375 ml bottle costs $12.25 in some retail shops.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Hana Lychee Sake

How do you serve Hana’s sake?

The best way to serve it is chilled or on the rocks. Ensure it is slightly colder than room temperature to improve the taste and aroma.

What is Hana Lychee Sake?

It is a premium sake made with natural lychee flavors in an alcoholic beverage. It is a popular Japanese drink in the USA.

How much alcohol is in Hana’s sake?

The alcohol quantity in this drink is only 8%, which is relatively low. This makes it a good drink for leisure.


Hana Lychee Sake is flavored sake of Japanese origin. It is a good option for those seeking low alcohol, fewer calories, and gluten-free drinks. It has a tart-sweet balance that makes it refreshing for a summer evening hangout. You can serve it cold or at room temperature, and it makes a great cocktail mix for your cocktail party. If you plan to pick up one bottle for the weekend, you will love it to the last drop. There is a lot to enjoy as you open the bottle and pour it out.