Why Does Taco Bell Make you Poop? (Explained)

Why Does Taco Bell make you Poop? Have you experienced an uneasy stomach after consuming Taco Bell and would like to know the reason for such?

Everyone in the US knows what Taco Bell is. However, it is not bad if you don’t know it. Taco Bell is a fast-food restaurant chain in California. It is popular for providing yummy, cheesy food at a cheaper rate.


If you love Mexican foods, you will most likely love Taco Bell. Although it may sound strange, you may likely rush into the bathroom once you eat this delicious meal. No, it does not happen to everyone but may happen to you.

What’s more, you should not attribute every upset stomach to diarrhea. Something in Taco Bell may be the reason. But what could that be? Why Does Taco Bell make you Poop?


Let’s get started!

If you have to find yourself in the toilet after consuming Taco Bell, there are reasons for that. Any of the following concerns can cause the issue: the effect of lactose found in the cheese or sour cream, spice in the capsaicin, fibers in the beans or the impact of the beef.

Do you want to know why specific contents of Taco Bell cause you to poop and how you can readjust your order to curb that? This article is comprehensively written to guide you on that. Read on!


What Ingredient in Taco Bell make you Poop?

Taco Bell has several components, so people will never react to it in the same way. Each of the Taco Bell ingredients has different effects on the body. Therefore, what you may react to may differ from what another person may react to.

Here, we will explain some of the things you may react to. Although it may cost you some trial and error before you can identify the particular ingredient that is the culprit, at least figuring it out could be adventurous.

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Why does Taco Bell Make You Poop? – The Spice

The initial suspect in this regard is the spice. Although it may eventually not be the spice, the level of spice in Taco Bell may cause you to poop. The spice in the food contains capsaicin, a compound in the food, mostly found in peppers. It is the cause of the burning sensation you experience from the spice.

Furthermore, capsaicin causes irritation (burning sensation) to the body, particularly in your digestive system. As a result, your body experiences the urge to poop. The bowel movement you experience is called the laxative effect.

So, if your body reacts to Taco Bell, it may be a sign for you to order less hot sauce. You may request that the sauce be kept on the side, or you may not have to ask for it. Let go of the hot sauce to avoid bowel movements each time you consume your favorite dish.

You may also ignore naturally spicy foods. It does not hurt to put your health first.

Why does Taco Bell make you Poop? – The Dairy

There is no Taco Bell without sour cream and cheese. Burrito, Crunch Wrap, quesadilla, chalupa and Gordita have cheese and sour cream as their major ingredients. Besides, the cream contains lactose, the natural sugar in milk. Unfortunately, a little over half of the people of North America react to lactose. So, we could say they have lactose intolerance.

Do you care to know the primary indicators of lactose intolerance? Firstly, you will always experience an urgent need to poop. This is because the people in question do not have the digestive enzyme responsible for breaking down lactose.

This enzyme is called lactase and is produced by the small intestines. It is majorly present in children. Unfortunately, as we grow old, the body reduces the lactase production rate. In that case, the milk sugar passes through the digestive system without proper breakdown.

Hence, when the sugar passes down the system, it can produce gas, indigestion or bloating. Ultimately, it causes the necessitation to poop in your body. To know if this is what you react to, the symptoms arise within one to two hours of taking Taco Bell.

In that case, the best thing you can do is to amend your order. Request that the vendor should not include cheese or sour cream on the package. Remember that your body may not react to cheese and sour cream at once. Sour cream contains more lactose than cheese. You may have to find a way to figure out which of them causes the unrest to your body.

One way to find out is to order the Taco Bell with only cheese. The second time, you can order it with just sour cream. Another time, you can order it plain, without either of them. While on it, check your body reactions and the level of sensitivity towards the meal. It will give you an idea of what choice to make.

Why does Taco Bell make you Poop? – Could be the Beans

Taco Bells go down well with beans. Beans are almost irresistible for some people as a tasty, nutritious meal. Unfortunately, it is not friendly to some people’s stomach. The reason is that it contains fiber, which your body may not easily digest. Hence, beans could be what makes you poop once you eat Taco Bell.

Moreover, a cup of beans has around 10 grams of fiber. Fiber typically attracts water to the digestive system, which equally causes a bowel movement. Another component of beans is carbohydrate. Oligosaccharides are carbohydrates present in beans. They hardly digest until they pass down to your colon.

At that point, the bacteria inhabiting your digestive tract would have their field day. This leaves you bloated with the frequent urge to pass out gas and run to the bathroom. So, if your body is not used to legumes, be careful when you eat them. It would help if you also asked the food vendor to leave beans whenever you order your Taco Bell. Another option is to stick to meals that contain no beans. That way, you won’t have anything to worry about.

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Why does Taco Bell make you Poop? – Could be the Beef

Beef is another critical piece of Taco Bell that might make you poop. The stomach acid breaks down a large quantity of animal protein and fat. This may lead to your digestive system losing it and letting it go.

Another causative factor is the mixture of beef and spice. You may request a milder beef instead of risking it with your stomach. But if you want to eat protein, you may substitute the beef with beans or the other way round. That can only happen if your body permits you.

Best Ways to Take Taco Bell Meals

Taco Bell

Having identified the ingredients in Taco Bell that keep sending you to the bathroom, we will need to work out the best way you can alter your meal to prevent that. Here are some suggestions:

  • Reduce your intake of hot sauce: Hot sauce contains too much spice. The capsaicin in the sauce is an irritant to the body. Hence, reducing or eliminating it from the order is the best option.
  • Remove sour cream: Besides cheese, sour cream can cause lactose intolerance. If you discover that sour cream is the culprit, you can interchange it with cheese or eliminate it from the list. However, you can do away with both if both are the problem.
  • Do away with cheese: Since cheese causes lactose intolerance, you can ask for its removal from the order. Another option is to swap it with sour cream. That way, you will not have to keep running to the bathroom.
  • Substitute your beef for chicken: When you make the swap, it will help you to minimize the unrest your body experiences after eating Taco Bell.
  • Remove or swap the beans: If beans trouble your system, you may request that it be removed from your Taco Bell order. On the other hand, you may choose to substitute it with chicken or beef.

Why does Taco Bell make your Stomach Hurt?

While Taco Bell causes people to poop, it does not happen to everyone. However, it occurs to a significant number of people. Besides, some people may experience an upset stomach without rushing to the bathroom.

The primary reason you experience the problem may be because you consumed too many spices, fat or dairy. Or, it could be the number of beans in the food. Whatever the reason, below, we will mention the cause and how they occur. The frequent among them include:

  • Lots of beans: Beans are tasty, nourishing and satisfying. They contain fibers and carbohydrates, which cause your body to bloat or produce gas. The reason is that your body may find it difficult to digest the food components.
  • Too much dairy: If you experience lactose intolerance, you may react to Taco Bell by bloating, stomachache and gas. It means you may not always run to the bathroom.
  • Lots of heat: The hot sauce in the food contains capsaicin which irritates your body. So, when you eat Taco Bell, your body reacts sharply.
  • Lots of fat: It may take time to break down fat in your body if you experience gallbladder problems. Taco Bell contains high fat because of the sour cream, cheese and beef.

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Conclusion – Why Does Taco Bell Make you Poop?

If your body reacts unfavourably to Taco Bell, it is time to dig out the culprit and adjust the intake. What’s more, you don’t have o avoid your favorite meal because of one ingredient; you need to avoid that trigger. Taco Bell is quite irresistible. Therefore, you shouldn’t let one item deny you the bliss of eating it.


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